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Crazy Movie Week!

Christmas break will soon be upon us-though not soon enough with Sissie here. Michael doesn’t have any days off from school until next week and Ashlee and Kyle fly home again on Christmas day…So we’re trying to make some plans for after school. As it is, Bill has to work the first half of the week to make up for the days he was off for his kidney stone surgery, but it’ll make us all appreciate the latter half of the week and the time we do have together before planes depart for Massachussetts Sunday evening…

Then next week when my little Bugster ishome from school, the days are filling in quickly. Hair and dentist appointments, bowling dates, and movies, movies, movies!! We’d made plans with our friend, Carol, to go see War Horse when we saw the preview at The Deathly Hallows in July. Then Darkest Hour is also being released Christmas Day. And Hugo and Tin Tin are playing as well!! I’ve never had so many movies I’ve wanted to see all at once! So far the plan is to see War Horse on Tuesday ($2 popcorn day! And I will be packing candy and kleenex!!) Then hopefully we can squeeze in a Daddy Date to see Darkest Hour before he heads to New York the next week. Hugo and Tin Tin might have to wait until they hit the cheaper theater at the mall…but at least that’ll give us something to look forward to for a fun Me ‘n Bug Date later on…Roll ’em!!

I am so gonna cry….

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