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The Final Stretch

Yesterday it seemed like the week was crawling…Wednesday? Only Wednesday? Now, for some reason, Thursday morning feels like we’ve somehow slipped into hyperdrive! Maybe because we actually have plans for every day the rest of the week and Christmas morning looms ever closer on Sunday and I know the days will indeed pass too quickly. 2012 fast approaches…


Filling the remainder of our week’s calendar is, after school today, bowling for Michael to show off his technique with his new ball for Sissie and company. Then out to eat, as to where has yet to be determined since we seem to be of differing minds for now…Food, wherever it may be, will be just fine…


Friday is Michael’s school Christmas party, and I’ve volunteered to help. The other afternoon had me separating little snowman and Santa foam ornament kits into individual ziplock baggies so they could be more easily distributed amongst the kiddos. Games and snacks are planned as well, then finally! We are off for winter break–no school until after the New Year! Yippee! Just hoping…for…a little snow…for…a…white….Christmas? Santa…please?? (Applying the Boo Boo eyes and pouty lip…)


Christmas Eve we are headed to a friend’s party for the day (yes, this is an All-Day-er…They have a HUGE family and tons of friends who show up every year. Lots of noise and chaos, food and fun!)Then, Ashlee and Kyle are spending the night so they can be here to open presents with Michael at four a.m. again…He’s an extra super early riser come Christmas morning. We all sat out on the backporch in the still dark opening presents last year, a little chilly in spite of the portable electric heaters trying their best to churn warm air into the frosty cold of morning. This year we’ll be in the cozy comfort and warmth of the basement–a much better idea. Amazingly, Tucker hasn’t bothered with the tree at all–though I’m sure once presents are underneath will be a completely different story. It’s hard to take off with a six foot plastic tree in one’s mouth, but a box of candy or newly unwrapped squishy socks?? Not a hinderance in the least! Aaannnddd–he’s OFF!! Oh boy….


Christmas Day we’ll be lounging and lazing. Turkey and stuffing going in the oven first thing so folks can just pick and nibble whenever they’re hungry throughout the day. Nothing formal or fancy this year since I tend to get too worked up over details. For the sake of my OCD sanity, I’m trying my best to let the edges slide some and not stress so much–no one likes a grumpy Scrooge…Then Ash and Kyle fly home again late that afternoon, and Christmas will be over for another year. The time does go too quickly…



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