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Better Time Management

Along with having a healthier new year for both Bill and I, I would love more than anything to develop better time management skills. I am a queen of lists and that works well for me, all my to-do’s lined up every day and watching them get scratched off one by one is very gratifying. But yet, I feel like I could be accomplishing so much more with my day…


I perused a few websites this morning looking for suggestions of how to improve my time management and two ideas seemed promising: multi-tasking and scheduling. Reading while walking on the treadmill would accomplish two goals at the same time, brilliant–and open up time for more things later in the day when I’d typically try to catch up on reading. And scheduling time for specific tasks I’d like to achieve: studying, writing, painting or drawing, crafting (jewelry-making is catching my eye lately…)


I’m well aware of the frame of mind that we make time for what is important to us. I make time for bible study every morning. I make time to workout. I make time to shop, eat, read, catch up on my favorite TV shows. As much as I don’t like it, I still make time to clean every day because it’s important to my family’s health and well-being. I make time to let the birds out to play.


So I have my daily planner open and ready at the kitchen table, where I always start my day. A little time prioritizing these not so new tasks and scheduling them into my week is a simple baby step I can take to making more of the year ahead. But first I need to get in the shower and head to bowling! Last qualifying window for the Pepsi tournament for McBug…good luck to my little guy!!!


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