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Feeling Better

I went for a walk yesterday morning. A quick couple of miles around my usual running route. Made me really want to run, feel my heart pounding in my chest, cold air chilling my lungs, the beat of feet on pavement. But I contained my pace to walking, breathing deep of fresh, cool morning air. Waving as neighbors left on their way to work. It was freeing, being out on my own for just a little while. Restoring a tiny semblence of independence for just those few minutes away. Helped me hold on better the rest of the day.


The weekend will be busy, that will help. Bug has a four day weekend from school so I think we’ll hit the Chinese buffet for lunch tomorrow to get us out of the kitchen. Saturday is bowling, and then Sunday he has a tournament–the first that Grandma has gotten to see. That’s also our new pastor’s installation service in the afternoon and I think I’m ready to brave church again, even with my choke, er, cervical collar–I’ll sport my pretty purple paw-paw bling! Monday Bug is off for Presidents’ Day, so we have a bowling date planned with friends and I need to get a couple quick X-rays done to take with me to my appointment on Wednesday with the neurosurgeon, hoping to hear I’m allowed to live again…please!! So close I can almost taste it…freedom!!


Who knew I’d ever really want so desperately to get on hands and knees and scrub my house clean again? Two weeks watching dirt accumulate has been as stressful as living with this collar strangling my neck. When did I become such a clean freak?? I need to get the house presentable for showing again, my realtor as anxious as I am to get things moving once more. The time is coming and I can feel it…Almost there…almost there….


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