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I wonder if all post-surgical patients feel like this, so anxious to get back into life again? Tomorrow morning is my follow up appointment with Dr. El-Kadi and I’m a bundle of nerves…I’ve been Googling physical therapy protocols trying to figure out just what I’ll be allowed to do and how soon I can start running again. That, sadly, looks like it’s still another couple of months off for me, but I can walk all I want (avoiding black ice!) And I’m wishing I had a stationary bike since that’s one of the earliest allowances–maybe I can find a spin class? Okay…that’s probably not what they’re suggesting…I so need to start burning some calories again!!


Hoping to get my weight back under control and fit back into my eights by summer, I’ve just signed up on MyFitnessPal. I’ve done SparkPeople for years and had great success with it, but I think I need to try something new to reinvigorate my motivation. Knowing how I obsess, I’ll most likely end up tracking calories and fitness on both sites, just to see which works best–two is always better than one, right? I’m also joining up on another blog for ‘Count Me Accountable Thursdays’.  I need some sort of accountability and that can be my weigh in day (after I dust off the scale that’s been pushed to the far back corner of the bathroom closet…) I’m also thinking that’ll be part of my new blog schedule that I’ve been trying to put together…It’s been so hard to concentrate the past couple of weeks or to set any kind of goals-I am definitely READY!


More to look forward to this week! Thursday night Bible study with my girls and a Friday morning beautification appointment with my friend, Jenn–the roots are coming in too grey, too fast and the eyebrows are needing some attention…I have no doubt I’ll be feeling lighter, happier, and more eager to tackle life again come this weekend. And Michael’s sister, Ashlee, is coming for a visit on Sunday-I’m hoping to have a little gifty by my favorite local artist, Marcia Furman, for her before she gets here…I’ll post pics later this weekend if it arrives in time!


One more day, my friends, one more day…

Must Love God


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