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Count Me Accountable Thursday

I opted out of blogging yesterday morning due to an awful headache that had me burying my head back under blankets until I had to get up and shower in time to go to my neurologist’s appointment just before lunch. Aleve, the pain meds I was given after surgery, and even an Excedrin Migraine capsule did nothing to budge the gnawing ache all day…Some gracious strangers I’d encountered out and about while wearing my C-collar the past couple of weeks, who told me their stories about how they’d undergone the same spinal fusion encouraged the headaches had miraculously disappeared after their surgery. I don’t seem to have that luck…But, feeling better today, other than being woken at three-fifteen by a whining, needing-to-pee Tucker, I am hoping to begin building on my blog structure that I’ve tried to sketch out over the past few weeks. And that brings me to my first Count Me Accountable Thursday!


I dug out the dusty scale yesterday morning from the bathroom closet and blew off a thick frosting of dog hair and dust bunnies, parked it in the middle of the bathroom floor. I hesitated…it’s been months since I stepped on that scale. I stopped running in November. Fatigue and shortness of breath stole my motivation, along with crippling headaches that came on after a long run. Slowly, steadily, I’ve watched the weight coming back on, hating myself for every pound I could see accumulate.


I weighed in a day early (Thursdays are now officially ‘Weigh In Day’) but I wanted to bite the bullet and see just how bad the damage had become, find out how far I have to go to get back where I belong…The digital numbers glared ugly up at me: 172. About fifteen pounds more than I need. I don’t like it, but it’s a starting point.


I’m tracking my food again and water, too. That helps keep me aware of what I’m putting in my mouth so I can make better choices throughout the day. I’ve given up my caramel-vanilla lattes for Lent, less sugar is always a bonus! I’ll start physical therapy next week and begin to build up strength and stability so in another couple of months I can hit the road running once more–that is a day I’m definitely looking forward to! Onward and upward…


The good news from the neurologist is that my x-rays looked perfect, he is no longer worried about me becoming paralyzed (always good to know!) I have to follow up with my regular doctor and neurologist, but I am allowed to drive and clean and get this house ready to sell, packed up and move north–hallelujah! Mom flies south again on Saturday, Sissie comes to visit on Sunday, and Monday begins a bright, new week of routine and structure–life is good!


Must Love God

Must Love God


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