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Healing Begins

This is what four in the morning looks like for me today:



Two Bibles, my planner, coffee (of course!!), a note from a friend updating our book swap list (which I’ve tried to do on Friday mornings but have missed the past couple of weeks while recuperating), yes, that’s Facebook on the laptop–I was trying to fix a post for 1000 Gifts that I had messed up (not enough coffee in me yet…) before going to my morning study on Intervarsity Press…And that pile on the bench? More stuff that calls for my attention–soon, soon…And for a moment I feel overwhelmed at all I had piled on the table before me, but then…I smiled to myself and offered a prayer of thanks. This is healing, this embarking back into my daily life, getting things planned and organized, and no longer sloughing things off until I feel better or the house is quieter…I am ready to dive back in, and this mess that’s been waiting for me feels oh so good! It’s all so good!


Yesterday started off hectic and ugly. My realtor had called almost the minute we walked in the door from my follow up appointment with the neurosurgeon on Wednesday to schedule a showing for yesterday afternoon–seriously?? My house in utter disarray from not being cleaned the past three weeks and I have only a few hours to get all the mud and dog hair and layers of dust whisked away…Blood pressure skyrockets and I fume at the weight dropped heavy on my shoulders. I ran through the house furiously dusting and scrubbing and mopping, trying to restore as much order as I could, making a list on the fridge for all the last minute things I’d need to do before vacating for the showing. After Tuck decided three-fifteen was time to get up that morning and I’d stewed on what still remained for the day ahead, I popped a quick Ativan to calm my nerves and keep my head from unproductively exploding. Deep breath…hold…exhale…repeat…


Then things turned amazingly beautiful. I have said I have the best friends ever and again they poured their blessings on me on a day I truly needed lifting up–God is so good! I don’t know what I could have possibly done to deserve the graciousness I’ve received this year at His hand, but it’s incredibly humbling and I am so thankful…


Waiting for Mom and I to return from a quick trip to Aldi’s while the house was being shown, was my friend, Jenn, and her hubby, Jeff, with their two sweet boys, JJ and Shane, delivering a stationary bike for me to use for physical therapy! So awesome! Jeff carried the bike into the basement for me and parked it in front of the TV so I can watch a little Harry while cycling my way skinny again–thank you Michels!!



Then after dinner, my other friend, Missy, picked me up to head to Bible study and a much needed night out with the girls, while Bug stayed home with Grandma. As I climbed into her car, she scooped an Office Depot bag from the back seat. While on a trip last weekend to visit her sister in Virginia, Missy had gone on a mad mission for me, trying to find the Ink Joy pens I’ve been unsuccessfully scouring stores for here–no one had the set I wanted! Not only did she find that set, her boys so sweetly decided I must need another set of twenty! beautiful color gel pens–a literal rainbow of happiness!! Now that is true ink joy!! Thank you Arps!!



How blessed am I?


So, this morning’s study is done and I got hit with an owie of a question that I will post about next week…I love how Scripture is truly refining! I’ve got a good head start on the schedule for next week. Today and tomorrow are busy full of plans to whisk the days away. It feels wonderful to dig back in and find daily direction, set some goals and smile…Each day gets a little brighter, a little busier and I am thankful for love, kindnesses and generosity, strength, and hope.


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