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Another Long Day

Our power went out just before four yesterday afternoon. Fortunately it was an unseasonably warm February day so I wasn’t overly concerned about a heating issue or the birds being chilled. And we have a gas range, so dinner was cooked in the glow of candles on the stove top–simple scrambled eggs and veggie sausage patties for a meatless Lent Friday supper, with buttered bread since I couldn’t make toast. We dined by candlelight, then sat cuddled under blankets in the livingroom, waiting for the power to come back on–rather envious of the soft glow coming from the windows of houses the next street over that somehow had power while we didn’t??


Just about seven everything came buzzing back on. The fan to the furnace whirred and soon warm air came coursing through the vents. The TV blinked as the DVR went through its resetting cycle. Bug and I reset all the clocks and then I headed to bed to read, leaving instructions with Grandma that Michael could stay up no later than nine since bowling comes early on Saturdays. It was too late to try to catch up on any of my recorded Thursday night shows anyway and blankets beckoned. I lured Tucker to bed with a peanut butter biscuit and climbed in for the night…I do love my bed!!


Midnight broke my sleep with the alarm clock’s bothersome beeping–I blindly groped to shut it off and hoped I could get back to sleep. No such luck. I tossed and turned, shoving Tucker one way then another as I tried to find that spot, that magic place where sleep simply sucks you back under….Tuck thought he could still my stirring by pinning my legs under his weight, then apparently had had enough after a few unsuccessful hours and three o’clock had me on the back porch, letting all three dogs out and resigned to being awake for the remainder of the day…I need to remember to disable the alarm clock tonight so we don’t have a repeat for tomorrow!


We were supposed to get some snow, two to four inches according to the WeatherBug, but there’s barely a dusting outside. Just as well since we have to drive Grandma to the airport this afternoon and send her on her way back to sunny, warm Florida. She is no fan of Pennsylvania winter, even as warm as it’s been during her visit. Snowbirding has thinned her blood too much. For now, though, I think I may go lie down for an hour or two until it’s time to get ready for bowling…after I do my Sims, that is…Happy Saturday!



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