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After the Storm

Can you believe it’s almost March? I seem to have missed all of February. It’s actually been over a month since all of this started: January 21st was the night I had the tremor at church that swept this past month away from me in a blur. Bill left for good for Massachusetts. Valentines Day came and went and I barely noticed. I’ve been simply numb in the aftermath. Partly from medication, partly from denial, maybe a little shock as well. How do you just lose a whole month? What hurts most is how Bug just got lost in all of this, too. My sweet angel, dangling on his own…I believe he’s been wounded as deeply as my surgery cut into me. And I ache for his hurting heart. I’m so sorry…and I can’t take it all back. I can’t make it better. Make it disappear and erase his pain. What a life storm for a ten year old…


Hopefully now that things are starting to get back to ‘normal’-as normal as things can be when you’re preparing to pick up and move your life all over again another some six hundred miles away…we can both find each other again. A little stronger for weathering this storm, ugly as it was–we made it through. So a little beaten up and bruised, but still standing.


Today we get to spend the afternoon bowling with Ashlee, Michael’s big sis! Our first day back on our own is blessed with a highlight of what we have to come: having Sissie close by all the time once we get moved–definitely a peek of sunshine through those dark and ugly parting clouds!


I’m looking forward to March and getting everything moving back in the right direction (north!) Finding our feet on solid ground. I love the smell of the air after a storm, don’t you? Breathing deep…



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